Friday, May 2, 2014


Outside my window...birds are singing welcoming a beautiful spring day.
I am wonderful the peace & quiet is!
I am thankful for...friends, family, and fur babies.
I am missing...Glenda and Pam.
I am going...enjoy this time off and sew until DH wants to travel.
I am husbands's headache goes away quickly. I hurt for him.
I am looking forward to...traveling.
I am listening to...the radio play blues and jazz.
One of my favorite things...early mornings.

I am currently reading...blogs.
I am new studio was already completed!
I am the amount of "other people's treasures/junk" that has been stored and probably forgotten in our den/ my new studio!

I am subbing duties will soon be over!

I am inspired by...quilts I see on blogs; quilts my friends make; quilts my eldest daughter makes; quilts I see at the guild meetings; patterns in books; patterns in nature. But most of all patterns my mind sees when I look at certain fabrics thrown together.
I wonder...what new experiences, friends, and patterns summer will bring!

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