Sunday, June 22, 2014

Stash Report Sunday, June 8-22, 2014

Fabric In: 7.25yards
Fabric In YTD: 62.75 yards
Fabric Out:  16.25 yards
Fabric Out YTD: 54.75yards
Looks like I haven't posted in three weeks. The good news is that I finished 3 tops. The bad news is that most of my sewing for the last two weeks used mostly DD#4's stash and just a little of mine. 
     I finished two red tops. The first was my Red & White uneven log cabin and the second was Wanda's Red, black, and white pin wheels.  I get to count all the fabric on the uneven log cabin (8 yards) but only get to count the red border.(.5 yard) on Wanda's quilt.
   The last two weeks I have been  working on a coloring ABC quilt with DD#2's summer students. I used up the rest of the red fabric (1.5 yards) for the sashing and borders. Alas the backing was red Mickey Mouse flannel from DD#4's stash. I used 14 fat quarters(3.5 yards) from the stash to make each student a small pillow which they will stuff on Monday. The boys took over the pin basting and tie quilting much to my daughter's surprise.
    I bought a new ruler at the guide meeting to make pineapple blocks. It was suppose to be fool proof -NOT. That and my swap block took another 1/4 yard.
   I made a purse (1yard) and put 6 fat quarters (1.5 yard)in it as an early b-day present for my secret sister. 
     However, I did buy 1 yard for the purse, 4 half yard cuts(2 yards), 1 yard cut for the gift, and I won  13 fat quarters (3.25 yards). That totals 7.25 yards in this week.


  1. I know, you just can't get ahead of all the fabric! I had the same problem sort of. My source was Pam's shop closing. And you know the sad thing, if she has another sale, I will go back!

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