Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Progress on Transformation


Love seat has been cleaned and put in small room. DD#4 decided to put sofa in too and clean it inside. Cleaning under the carport in 100 degree weather is hard work!
     We decided it would become an activity/playroom for DGS#9,Chris, & DGGD#1, Marie. Chris needs a quiet place just for him at times especially beginning high school. 
Step 2: Adding furniture and TV etc to the room.
Step 3: Organizing Studio 
How do you eat a rhino? You cut off a small piece, chew it for hours, rest, and then repeat process until it is all gone!  
    I have begun eating that rhino. It is not so overwhelming one tiny bit at a time!
Lator Gators. I have to get back to chewing!


  1. very nice! is a hard work! but it is offset by how well he see!

  2. Love the transformation! That Rhine is looking more manageable, for sure. Love that nice clean space!!!