Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Two Steps forward...One Step back!

     Buying all that fabric Monday put a bug up my rear to get my studio done. (I did not take any before pictures b/c it was embarrassing!)

      So Tuesday, DD#4 helped me take out 95% of the stuff that was stored in the den. It isn't as big as the old studio nor as small as the current one. The neighbor who she loaned the carpet cleaner to wasn't there so we couldn't clean the nasty carpet. Hopefully we will be able to do it today. If I can't get it super clean, it is coming up. I would prefer bare concrete to nasty carpet!
     My other problem happened when my "hoarder" husband came home and saw the pile under the carport. It was raining and all that "good stuff" was getting damp. He hadn't gone into the den for the last 5-8 years except to add more "stuff." Actually, he doesn't even know what is in that pile. But he started moving "stuff" back into the den. 
     Me-new was not surprised and took advantage of the situation. I, however, stopped the flow back into the house. Sometimes living with a semi-hoarder gets frustrating b/c I don't understand the need to hang on to "stuff" unless it is fabric or sewing machines. Guess I am a "hoarder" too!
     Today, the plan is to clean the carpet, move everything from sewing room into den, put sofa and love seat into old sewing room, and move all that "good" stuff into closet since "hoarder" thinks it should not be thrown. He may need it or someone else may!
    Lator Gators! Happy piecing.

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  1. Well, hey, you realize it is not hoarding if it concerns fabric.........just saying.