Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Studio Update

     My Rhino is almost all eaten! DD#4 sat down and went thru several bins of fabric. Then she sorted the fabric by yardage, fat quarters, and scrap pieces. The yardage she folded and put on shelves until we can find the boards they are saved on.  The fat quarters she sorted by color and put each color in a bin on the shelf. She filled a big bin to the top and beyond with pieces smaller than a fat quarter or quarter yard. 
    You can actually see the floor! We still have lots to do before I can invite friends, except maybe Pam, to sew! We found an addressed package for my block swap from July under all the stuff on the old cutting table, but August wasn't found anywhere. I need to start saving those receipts from the post offices I send from. My swap partner from August still hasn't gotten her block so I redid them and sent them off again. Hopefully, they will arrive safely this time! The worse that can happen is that she never gets them therefore thinks I am a flake, and the best is for both sets to find their way to her. I mailed July, replacement August, and September blocks on the 8th at the post office in Church Point. Sometimes our mail carrier puts our mail in other boxes on his route. Sometimes the person brings it to us and sometimes it never arrives. Bills always seem to be delivered!
     This morning I fell on my right shoulder and my whole right side is hurting. I don't think anything is broke just bruised. I fell between Sammie's air mattress and the closet while trying to calm Marie. Spirit was knocking at the front door and Lilly was carrying on barking like a mad dog. Quite a funny site but since it took me a while to get up, it was also scary. Now I know not to lean on the air mattress. Live and learn!
     My muse like Me-new is beginning to stick out her head. I think she likes all the floor space and open area compared to before.
Well, Lator Gators. I am off to sew UFO.

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  1. Be careful!!! Beds can be dangerous for some people........hmmmmmm! Glad you weren't hurt too badly. I have learned I don't bounce anymore!!