Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Goals Update - Fail

From January 4th post:
2015 is going to be a year of finishes for me. Each month I will pick a UFO to finish and a kitted project to bring to top stage. This month the UFO is Charlotte Angotti #1 Gone Wrong which needs a binding if DH lets it off the bed. The Kitted Project is BHMQGI where I have 4 blocks made.   
Update January 31:
UFO Charlotte Angotti #1 Gone Wrong - Binding is made and finally sewn on. I did not get it hand sewn down yet.
 I will do it during Super Bowl then undone part will be added to February Goals.
Kitted Project Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion -

BHGI is a flimsy! still want to finish the back for February 10th to give to DD#1 for quilting. 
Other projects:
Studio - I didn't like the strip between my painted tiles - too wide - so I decided to repaint them grey. DH found a can of dark grey cement paint so I painted the whole floor that color and the strips too. Next I will tape the blocks for the floor a second time. Smaller tape -1/4" or 1/2" rather than 1" - & bigger blocks this time! 12" was cute but very time consuming so we decided to go with 15" give or take a few inches in the already painted area. My studio --My choice! 
DGD#2's Trailer - we had a prowler! He went into the unused back area of the trailer and scared DGD#2. He also went into studio area and also removed screen from our back windowS and tried prying window open.
    DH is very upset that they scared his grand daughter and great grand daughter. He is on the warpath as is DD#4's man friend. DGD#2 and DGGD #only are very close to both their hearts. The neighborhood watch has been alerted and personally I feel sorry for anyone caught prowling around.  If DH catches them, he will shoot first (Shotgun loaded with bird pellets and rock salt. Ouch! Burns like heck but does kill or lame.) and ask questions afterwards.
     As a preventive, the outside entrance to the studio has been re-enforced; all windows double locked; and all ways to enter trailer secured. I know that if someone wants to get into your home, they will - locks and re-enforcement only keep out wanta-be burglars. So hopefully, it was only a wanta-be looking for a quick score. It would be a tragic if someone - anyone got hurt b/c of this foolishness!

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  1. Scary! Stay safe, please. Love that you got to the end of the BH quilt. I couldn't........