Sunday, February 15, 2015

Stash Report Sunday February 15,2015

Fabric In: 3 yards
Fabric In February: 3 yards 
Fabric In YTD: 6.33 yards
Fabric Out: yards 
Fabric Out February : yards
Fabric Out 2014: 8.yards
Stash Reduction: 2.17 yards
     The 3 yards are for a backdrop for pictures for Marie's 1st Birthday. The party will take place in the studio since the floor while not finished is useable. After the party, I will take the fabric and use it for a backing. I will clean the studio floor and paint kids area & peg board. Then while they dry, I will put poly on floor to protect it. Then close it down until end of February or beginning of March. DD#4's birthday is the 13th and I want to have a sewing party for her. Which means moving in has to start by first of March.
  I used 1 1/2 yards to make a memory piece with 1/2 yard for the letters and balloons. At the party, everyone will sign the piece and then I will back and quilt it. It will hang in her room until a new one is made.
     I finished piecing "Soccer Beauty" and next week I will add the borders and call it done. 
     I need to continue working on "yellow Disappearing Hourglass. I also have three new projects added to my list. Two need to be done Thursday. A doggie dress with bandanas in two sizes. Binding on DD#1's quilts is the second. Third is interfacing on t-shirts which will take a while.
    Thursday, I am going pick up my Quest. I am excited!


  1. A new car or a new sewing machine? Either way it is exciting!!!

    1. My regular machine back from its yearly spa month!

  2. I LOVE your Soccer Beauty quilt. WOW. You are doing well with your stash too. It made me laugh when you said your machine went to a spa. The cost of that is probably close to us getting a spa treatment. lol