Sunday, February 8, 2015

Stash Report Sunday February 8, 2015

Fabric In: 0 yards
Fabric In February: 0 yards 
Fabric In YTD: 3.33 yards
Fabric Out: yards 
Fabric Out February : yards
Fabric Out 2014: 6.yards
Stash Reduction: 3.17 yards
    Soon I will have a big gain. I won a half yard bundle of five Prisma Elements from Maureen Cracknell and Pile O' Fabrics. I am so excited for them to get here. 
     We couldn't find belt for Premier at J&B's so Monday will try Sandoz. That place has everything. After that Premier goes to Alex in BR. 
    Lucy ate something that made her very sick. If she is not better on Monday, I will take her to the vet. But she is still eating and drinking and pooping everywhere. She gets so embrassed when she misses the paper. This is like having a sick child...worry time!
UpDate on February Goals:
     Tom Kat binding (done) and embellishments 
Kitted Projects:
    Yellow Disappearing Hourglass - blocks made (10)

    Soccer Beauty - make into flimsy.(no progress)
Other projects:
Studio Floor: taped and painted
Sweatshirts: first half of zipper put in on 1st ss. Premier won't sew on second side. Need to change machines.


  1. You've been doing well so far! Hope Lucy feels better soon.

  2. You have some pretty projects and good numbers.
    Hopefully Lucky is already doing better.

  3. Looks like all your projects are moving along nicely. Hope Lucy is feeling much better now.

  4. try also Sewing Machine Parts Online. they have had everything I have looked for. And pretty good prices as well.

    glen: Luuuuuuucy!