Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Progress on March Goals 3/18/15

     I finished the Yellow Disappearing Hour-glass Baby Quilt top and its backing. The backing for BH Grand Illusion is also pieced together.
    This month has been very interesting. DD#4 was in an accident and broke her jaw. She has surgery last Tuesday to put a plate with screws. Lots of early morning driving to Shreveort about 4 hours away.
DH had a bowling tournament in Alabama this past weekend and we went in truck so I spent hours sitting and watching.
      A friend is having his first grand daughter and has commissioned me to make her a quilt that is shabby chic. NOT my Style. But he and his parents are great friends and great grandma can't see any more due to bad eye sight. Top is done! 
I have made a self-binding receiving blanket to start and burb cloths. I have fabric for a satin button bonnet too.
     Next, the LQS recommended me to make a commissioned rag T-shirt quilt which I agreed to do. I am met with customer to decide on backing etc.  
    Then, when I went pick out "shabby chic"fabric for the baby quilt, the owner of the LQS asked me to help make six memory quilts. I agreed to spend time at the shop sewing. It seems that while I am slow, I do an excellent job w/o complaining. LOL
      Yesterday, I taught DD#4 how to make burrito pillowcases. She made 4 and started planning at least 3 more. She pulled fabric for 1 right before  she went home. DD#4 finished 8 pillowcases. 
       We bought tinted sealer and a sprayer to apply it so my dull black tile floor is now shiny orange. Next we will apply the shiny/wet sealer to finish the floors. We are painting the play wall with chalkboard paint in red, gold, teal, and orange. The three doors will be painted in black chalkboard paint and the peg wall a bright yellow. Then when all the paint dries we will put batting and flannel on the walls. As for the ceiling, well, don't look up it won't be done for quite a while. Why? Because I am tugging at the bit to get into my studio. So the ceiling and the office will get done  during the summer. The office will be the fabric storage and husband area.


  1. So sorry to hear about the accident and the jaw. Hope she recovers without much pain. the baby quilt looks great. Carrie was hit on the interstate on Friday, not hurt but SUV was. And Paula's daughter was hit on Sunday and her van was totaled. She is 7 mos pregnant so that was a concern.

    I told everyone to be careful waiting for that #3, but your DD#4 took care of that I guess.

    1. Unfortunately, she would have qualified for the first position. So #3 was Paula's daughter and since Sammie was in an accident at 7 months, I know how that goes. Sammie couldn't be completely treated until Marie was born. After a year, she is still suffering.