Sunday, April 12, 2015

Stash Report Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fabric In: yards Fabric In April: 0 yards 
Fabric In YTD: 29.83 yards
Fabric Out: 2 yards
Fabric Out April: 2 yards
Fabric Out 2015:  36 yards
Stash Reduction: 6.17 yards

This week was spent hand stitching binding  and making a label for a special quilt for the Krotz Springs Quilt Guild. DD#4 & I also worked in the studio for a bit. We painted doors and put batting on walls. We also recovered the big ironing board and put it up.
Friday, we spent the day in Shreveport for a doctor visit. Saturday, we had a wake to go to and I went sew at the LQS. Belinda has asked me to help make 5 quilts for the shop. So for next few months my sewing will be for others using their fabric. The dark side is that I will be around fabric every day and the great side is I will get to pet lots of fabric and maybe that will curb my fabric cravings.LOL
Lator Gators! I am off to church and then have t-shirts to interface. Oh, how I wish my ipad would appear so I could easily post pictures.


  1. I wonder why my posts re not showinng up. You may get three! post photos through your ipad? you wll have to show me how to do that!

  2. I did until my iPad took a trip somewhere w/o me!

  3. Sounds a good plan to ward off temptation.

  4. I usually post pictures through my iPhone. It's easier than hooking up my camera to the computer to get pictures on to the post! Hopefully you find your iPad. :) ~Melanie

  5. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you....well maybe not but you should have fun cutting out your work! It would be very hard for me to work in a quilt shop and not bring home some goodies. Hopefully petting the fabric works for you.