Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Finding the Good and Losing the Ugly

Yesterday, DH and I went to the doctor. While not well, DH was pronounce progressing towards wellness. That is the Good. He also lost 4 pounds and that is the Better since he has been trying to lose weight. The best news was that I have lost 17 pounds since April 4th. I only have 35 more pounds to lose to please my doctor and 15 to please myself.
How's that for getting lemonade from lemons
After the doctor visit, DH and I each had our own plans. I went to J&B to help sew on a shop project that needs to be done in 3 weeks. It felt good to be sewing!  DH fiddled with his car and truck. Then he visited his "place of business" otherwise known as the casino.
When I got home, I made my dogs mad at me.
Leapaul got a bath for fleas. He hates baths and afterwards wouldn't look at me.
I needed things at WalMart so I went there. When I got back, all the house animals got meds for fleas. Now Lilly is hiding
somewhere in the house and won't come out which worries me. Me-new is the only one who is speaking/reacting with me. Leapaul is still hiding in his bed but that is his usual behavior in the morning.
This morning I am going to J&B to work on the shop project. I plan on working for about 3 hours and then coming home. DD#4 is bringing her stepsons and we plan on finishing the studio. I am also planning on having the boys clear out the 'office' area so I can begin working there. When I am done, it will have storage, a microwave and coffee pot, a TV and computer, a big comfortable chair with ottoman, and a small refrigerator. It will be a place for DH occupy. It will also serve as a place for me to hide fabric, scraps, and 'stuff'
Well time to go! Have a great day.


  1. I love that photo of the dogs at the front door! I am so excited that you are getting some work done on the sewing room! I am so jealous!

  2. I also meant to add my congratulations on the weight loss.