Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Busy week and Its only Wednesday

   Monday was a blast. Early that morning DH and I went get his blood work done. Then we went buy groceries. When we finished, it was time for the hen party in the studio.
   Cheryl and Sarah came over to sew and DD#4, DGD#2, DGGD#1, and DGD#2's fiancé were in the studio too. So we had 7 people in the studio all busy with no one bumping into each other. We served cookies and homemade root beer. Marie loves the root beer as does Renee`.
   Cheryl was making dish cloths for Christmas presents. We cut them out but she didn't like the cream cloth with her white/black cows so she ripped and borrowed some fabric from me. It came out cute as pie. A gift I would like! Cheryl didn't really like the 1950 Premier because it doesn't have a speed control. Next week she will use DD#4's machine. Then she will either use the Quest or the new machine.
   Sarah had started a quilt with me at J&B and wanted to finish it. Only problem, she forgot the pattern. She got overwhelmed and frustrated quickly. So Reva Blocks to the rescue! I donated 16 Reva Blocks to her and white sashing. Enough for a good size baby quilt with added borders. She began chain piecing the sashing and blocks. That made her happy and seeing the blocks used made me happy! Sarah sewed on the 1960s Singer Electronic. It is one of my favorite machines.

   While this was going on, DD#4 & DGD#2 with help from fiancé were making a burp cloth for the coming DGGD#2. The girls embroidered words and taught Billy to cut out a pattern.  He really got into it as did DGD#2. I guess I will be teaching them how to sew next. It was quite cute! Only problem I have with them is that they don't pick up after themselves. They left fabric all over the cutting table along with anything else they used. Not cute! Not cool!
   Tuesday, DH and I went to his doctor's appointment which lasted for 3 hours and he had to take more blood test. Then we picked up meds and drove to Baton Rouge. Along the way we picked up boudin and cracklins for lunch. We stopped at Hollywood Casino and had a short cool nap by the river. Then DH went play in the casino and I went to a class on my serger.
   At the beginning of that class, I knew exactly how overwhelmed & frustrated Sarah felt. That Serger just had my number. Margaret was a very patient teacher. When I left at 5:30pm, I knew how to confidently change the setting to do ruffles and back again to the overlock stitch. I had made a piece with double ruffles and had cut out and sewed a romper together or at least as much as you can do on the serger. Next month we are going to learn to put in a zipper and make piping. We will get a pillow cover as our reward. My reward this month is that the Serger isn't as intimidating as it was.
   Today, my hip & back are killing me. I don't even want to go in my studio and play.  No position is comfortable. This pain started Monday, continued Tuesday, and is still going strong today. Pain meds are not helping and I don't want to take the stronger ones until I can't stand it w/o tears. It is afterall "Mind over Matter - if you don't Mind, then it don't Matter!" Only problem is that I am beginning to mind so it is beginning to matter. LOL
Well, I am going to get moving and maybe that will help.
Lator Gators. When life gives you lemons make lemonade.

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