Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Design Wall

 This week:
Backing for T-shirts
T-shirt Quilt
Interface & back shirts already cut.


Outside with Straps
Inside of Bella's Bag
Bella's Bag: Complete before Friday so Daddy can have for Halloween.


Big Sister Quilt
Big Sister Quilt: Baby ZZZ due November 4th. Mom has been told that ZZZ can not come until we get back from Houston on Sunday. All I have left is machine binding.

I-Pad Holders

I-Pad holders: I want to stuff 3 by Friday if sand is dry enough.

 Gift fabrics
Going to J&B is dangerous for me. I fell in love with these fabrics.

Twister Christmas Tree

I love the way it is coming out but hate the process. To me, it makes no sense to make a quilt and then cut it apart! It may be on design wall a while.

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