Sunday, November 8, 2015

Stash Report Sunday November 8, 2015

Fabric In: yards  
In November: 10.17 yards 
Fabric In YTD: 74.875 yards

Fabric Out: .5 yards 
Fabric Out November: 8 yards
November Stash Enhancement: 2.17 yards
Fabric Out 2015:  69.705 yards
2015 Stash Enhancement: 5.17yards

Fabric In: 6 yards
1 yard grey paisley
2 yards grey dots
3 yards grey swirl

Fabric Out: .5 yards
6 I-pad holders = .5 yard
    I realized that uncounted fabric is going out too. Since I don't count fabric until the project is finished, little shows since most are in the construction stage. For example: I used all of the 3 yards of paisley I bought last week and all my grey dots and all the grey swirls on the t-shirt quilt which is why I had to buy more. 16" blocks use lots of fabric at 4 per yard and give lots of scraps. I plan on using the scraps as part of my BH mystery grey.
   I settled up my account with J&B so I have money to buy the backings for Red Ribbon & Soccer Beauty and possibly a bolt of 108" textured muslin or the lowest cost 108" fabric. I will get them all ready for the 19th to bring to DD#1. Complete projects:
1)Murky Leaves (have pieced batik backing); 
Murky Leaves
2) Curved Princess (have pieced batik backing);
3) Red & Black (muslin);
4) Green Zebra (muslin);
5) Geema's Eighteen #1 (muslin);

6) Soccer Beauty(black & black batting);

Red & Black
Green Zebra
7) Red Ribbon (red).

Geema's Eighteen #1
Soccer Beauty
Red Ribbon
Soccer Beauty needs semi-custom and Red Ribbon needs complete custom quilting while all the others just need stippling or panto. How long before these can get counted will depend on DD#1's schedule! Only Soccer Beauty has a owner as of yet so I am in no hurry.
Today Blogger is bugging me as I try to put pictures where I want them and fonts the right size. UGH.
Lator Gators! Time is flying by and I have lots to do.

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  1. Like mine, your yardage will come out all at once with your finishes. I'm getting ready to start a drunkards path quilt, too. Have a great week.