Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Month of Blogging Day 4

Beware - I am ranting!
Today was a day of driving and waiting and dealing with entitled people. I was up at 4:50am to go pick up DD#4 from work. Then I got a few minutes and off to bring DSD#2 to an 9am appointment in Lafayette.
DH and I went to breakfast at Hub City Diner and then waited 3 long hours for her 1 hour appointment to finish!
We then came home because after 7 hours I was tired and needed to rest not drive. DSD#2 got upset because her dad wouldn't bring me home and come back to take her grocery shopping. He insisted that her van would be ready that afternoon in time for her to go do what she wanted the way she wanted. You should have seen the pout - it would make a 2 year old proud!
DH always says that a person who doesn't have a car available plans your day driving them around. How right he is!
I say that some people think they are entitled to their parent's time and get cross when they don't get what they want when they want it even at the age of 50+. Even her daughter tells her she thinks she is entitled!
She once told me she had the Cinderella syndrome where the evil stepmom doesn't let Cinderella go anywhere. First, Cinderella was only 18 and lived in her stepmother's house. DSD#2 is 50 and has her own house. Second, Cinderella didn't have transportation or money to get transportation. DSD#2 has a van and is able to drive and work but would rather used the system. Third, the stepmother had control of Cinderella because of the time the fairy tale was set. In the 21st century, things are very different.
 DSD#2 has often gotten upset since we don't "invite" her. But we don't "invite" anyone and never have since we became a couple. For the holidays, if we are home, I cook and feed whoever shows up but we don't invite people to come eat. When we travel, we take our current live-in granddaughter/ grandchild with us. If someone else wants to come, they let us know and are there when we leave.
There are a lot of reasons for our actions but the main one is that we have blended families within our blended family which makes for a mess on holidays.
Well, my rant is over. Sorry!

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