Monday, December 28, 2015

Design Wall Monday December 28, 2015

My design wall is easy this week.
1) "Geema's 18" top
a) Need to put columns together to make top -Done - I made 4 complete tops on Sunday and Monday.

     b) Need to cut 2.5" x 4.5" bricks from scrap bin and 2.5" bin. - Cut about 100 more!

2) Krotz Springs BOM
          a) Need to cut and kit 2 blocks
          b) Sew one block together on Monday Didn't happen - DH wanted me to travel with him most of the day Monday
          c) Sew second block on Wednesday
          d) Start kitting next set of BOM blocks

3)Bonnie Hunter Mystery
           a) Finish one step
           b) Finish another step (I have part of 1 & 2 done)

4) J&B block 4
         a) Need to bring Block 3 to J&B on Tuesday.
         b) Need to cut and sew Block 4 by Thursday

                   a) Pay and mail my family property taxes
           b) Pay parish property taxes


  1. Frank paid all the taxes before Christmas. In fact, he interrupted their Christmas party........

  2. A few friend's and I made what you are calling "Geema's 18" last year but with 2" by 3.5" logs. We called it "Ruth's Block" after the lady who gave us the directions.
    I don't much like mystery quilts, I like to know what I am making. I admire everyone who can just go with the flow!