Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Thoughts on day 15

I am sitting here just thinking. I know that is dangerous for me to do. But I am!

It seems to me that the world has suddenly been turned upside down and what was once right is now not right.
  I grew up knowing that no matter what I respected my elders. I didn't have to like them but I still had to respect them. They did not have to respect me but I had to pay them respect. Certain things you did because it was a way of showing respect and honoring them, Today, people seem to think that you OWE them respect. Strange!
  It was my duty to visit/phone my elders. It was not their duty to visit/phone me. It was up to me to let them know what was going on in my family's life. Today, people seem to think that their elders have to come to them. Even stranger!
  I grew up thanking people when they did things for me no matter how small. Today, people seem to think that it is owed to them and thanks doesn't need to happen no matter how large or small the thing or how costly. Even Stranger.
  I grew up knowing that a promise is a promise. If you promised to do something, you did it. You didn't make excuses why you couldn't and you didn't get mad at the person to hide your lack. Today, people seem to think that a promise only counts if it is made to them. Still Stranger!
  Talking down to my elders was not something accepted when I grew up. We were taught how to disagree in a respectful manner and stand up for what was right respectfully. If we couldn't do it respectfully, then we remove ourselves temporarily until we could. Today, people think nothing of correcting, fussing at, and talking down to their elders as if they were the youngest of children needing discipline. STRANGEST of all!
   The one thing I didn't learn as a child (still haven't) was to keep my mouth shut! Gets me into to trouble all the time! 
  Therefore, I think it is time for me to become more of a recluse than I already am. My studio is a safe haven from this World Turned Upside Down! 


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