Sunday, January 24, 2016

Stash Report Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fabric In: 0 yards Fabric
In for January: 0 yards
Fabric In 2016: 0 yards   
Fabric Out:  0 yard  (I am sewing fabric.)
Fabric Out for January:  4 yards (but for projects not yet counted.)
Fabric Out for 2016: 4 yards
January Stash Reduction 4 yards
2016 Stash Reduction: 4 yards
   Plans quickly change!
  On Monday, DGD#2 called and asked if I could take care of DGGD#1&2 while she packed for the move to Tennessee. Since I hadn't seen the girls in a while, I gladly said yes. That soon changed to only DGGD#1. Marie, I, and DD#4 played and had fun in the sewing room until it was time to go bowling.
   Tuesday & Wednesday, I had chores and errands to run so did not get into sewing room as long as I wanted, but I did cut fabric and kit block 14 and I also worked on Chris' quilt.
  Thursday and Friday, DGGD#1 (she stayed to visit with Dad and Grandma for a week) came stay the day with me while DD#2 worked (Dad's babysitter cut out on him so DD#2 took Marie for the extended weekend.) Marie, Pape, and I had loads of fun together. Even went shopping for warm clothes and Marie learned how to put Pape's socks on. I spent nap time tying Chris' quilt. Marie wasn't feeling too perky so we didn't spend much time in the cold studio.
  Friday, I worked on tying Chris' quilt & in the afternoon, we went into the studio to sew. Marie knows where her toys are and picks them up when done, but prefers to play with fabric and pins. She took all DD#4s pins out of the box and put them in the pin cushion. Then she rearranged the scrap bins, while I sewed on KS BOM Blocks 11&14 and made more Geema's 18 blocks as leaders and enders. 
  After DGGD#1, Marie, left I went back into the studio and cut more 2.5" by 4.5" bricks. Before I could cut and kit KS BOM block 13, the studio got too cold especially the floor even with the heaters on. So I went inside the house.
  Saturday, I was back in studio sewing binding and cutting bricks. That and fixing the fence to keep Lucy in the yard. She has figured out getting out means coming inside the house where it is warm. I think I have it now but knowing Lucy probably not!
   Today after church, I plan on hand-stitching binding on Soccer Beauty, working on KS block 13, cutting more scraps into usable pieces (flying geese, churn dashes and bricks) once it warms up a bit and tying Chris' quilt this evening.
 Update on Goals for 1/18-1/241) Krotz Springs BOM Blocks 11, 13, 14, & 15 - kit and sew blocks. 11 &13 done. 14 being kitted. 15 is multiples.
2) Soccer Beauty -
hand sewing of binding has begun.
3) Chris' Quilt - tie quilt - Half way done
4) J&B Block 6 - pick up and sew block. It will have to wait until most of the 15's are done.

5) Cut scraps with Go. 2.5" strips, 1.5" strips, 10" blocks, flying geese, and 12" churn dash.- On-going project. I honestly think scraps are multiplying as I cut. So I am using fabric, but in projects that can't be counted until completed. Lator! Stay warm!


  1. Wow, that is a busy week! Hope it warms up soon.

  2. Amazing how much you can squeeze into one little week! Marie is adorable. Bet you are going to miss her and her family when they move.

  3. How sweet and busy. It's so nice to be around family who can help in a pinch. Lucky to have them close by.