Monday, February 8, 2016

Design Wall, February 8, 2016

Goals for February 8 - 14
                 (** very important; * important)
**1. Sew & put Borders 1, 2 & 3 on KS BOM. 1 and 3 are long strips. 2 is piecing.
*2. Finish binding on Soccer Beauty. slow stitching
*3. Put binding on DD#1's quilt. slow stitching
*4. Finish tying PJ's Sneakers. on-going
*5. Complete Block 6 of J&B BOM as leader/ender. (due on Saturdays)
6.  Make log cabin blocks - black & white for KS Bingo as leader/enders. (due in March - meeting on Thursday) 
7. Sew rows together to make another Geema 18 top as leader/enders. On-going
8.  Continue locating and cutting scraps into usable pieces. On-going
   Looks like a lot but most of it is on-going or slow stitches. Until the Wedding Quilt aka KS BOM is pieced together, everything else is a leader/ender or on hold.
  Lator Gators. I am off to the studio to get the Wedding Quilt done.

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