Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Goals for Monday, 2/22/16 to Sunday 2/28/16
**1. Complete Block 6 of J&B BOM and pick up Block 7. (Monday - Tuesday)  DONE Started gather templates for #7. I want to get it done by next Tuesday.
*2.  Continue locating and cutting scraps into usable pieces especially 10" squares, 2.5 and 1.5" strips. Get to keep Go Big until 27th so cutting for about 30 minutes a day Boxes are overflowing including for scrap box.
*3. Finish binding on Soccer Beauty. slow stitching at night Still working on it slowly.
*4.  Finish tying PJ's Sneakers slow stitching in mornings APQ UFO for February  Slow but surely getting it tied.
5. Start cutting blocks for Easter Table Runner and place mats - Scrappy Rabbits w/ Scrappy Eggs. I have cut out 2 eggs for my table runner.
 6. Bring bookcase from den to studio. DONE
7. Look for Easter Egg pattern, Ripper pattern, Sewing Machine pattern, and hanging Cell phone pattern.-Found Easter Egg pattern and printed Ripper, Sewing Machine, and Cell phone charger pattern and I thought I had printed standing Bunny pattern but can't find the printout so have directions saved to laptop.
   My plan for Thursday and Friday is to make pillowcases to give to DGS#2 for bridal shower since DD#1 is doing custom work on Wedding Quilt and it won't be ready for Saturday. I can't go empty handed you know. I will also work on secret projects.
   Found out Monday evening that I am going to need another wedding quilt asap. Our DGS#1 is getting ready to propose to his long term girlfriend. This is two I will need by the end of 2016. UGH. So J&B BOM will become DGS#1's Wedding Quilt with a more male oriented back.
    I am still thinking about DGD#2's Wedding quilt. It will be Halloween/Star Wars based as that is their thing.


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