Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Funny Thing Happened Last Night

Yesterday afternoon and evening were very interesting!
  We 'kicked' Spirit to the curb (told her to go home early since she had a birthday party to attend) at about 4:30 pm. We then drove to Sunset to reserve a booth space for the March 19th craft/yard sale. After that was done, I delivered a fabric picture to J&B. Then we drove to Opelousas to return an item DH had bought but didn't need. After all that was done, we went home and I fixed tuna salad and melted cheese sandwiches for supper. We watched some TV and then DH went to the computer room and I to bed around 9pm. All very normal for us!
   Around 11pm, Lilly started barking and DH went to the front door to see who was there. He asked for identification, but didn't recognize the voice or name so went into attack mode with his trusty dagger brought back from Nam. (Beware if you knock on the door after 10 and I don't answer.)
  You can just picture the surprise on the face of those on the other side of the door. A glaring old man ready to attack them. I came out of the bedroom to see DH talking to a tall young lady and Spirit disappearing into her room. The young lady was trying to explain to DH that he knew her.
   Poor Kylie (Spirit's step sister) was so glad to see me and have me call her by name. DH then relaxed and put up the dagger. I hugged Kylie and explained that DH doesn't remember many people and that young people don't realize that they change as they grow. She got several hugs from me and a couple from DH and went bring the rest of the girls home.
   DD#4 called Kylie to see where Spirit was and Kylie told her about what had happened. It had upset Kylie quite a bit that DH didn't remember her. She had spent lots of time here as a preteen and young teenager.
It wasn't funny last night but it is this morning. Life is never dull with DH around!


  1. At least you feel safe with him around! Between him and Lilly nobody will get in that house.

    I am sure the bassets would pretty much maul the attacker by knockin them down and trampling them. Then they would take the stranger to the treat jar and ask for treats!

    1. You are definitely right...Lilly makes a noise and get Lucy in the act.

  2. glad all ended well. LOL visiting after 10 without calling first can certainly be dangerous