Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings

Outside my window ... Lucy standing on window ledge peeping at me.
I am thinking...why is it that people visit a blog but don't comment. Everyone deserves comments to help lift them up. Otherwise you think you are just talking to yourself. Which I  usually am!
I am thankful...I have friends who care about me.
I am remembering...my baby brother who joined the angels watching over me too soon.
I am listening to...birds singing loudly bringing in Spring.
I am going...sew on something.
I am hoping...to plant a garden during March.
I am looking forward to... seeing how DD#1 quilts the Wedding Quilt.
One of my favorite things...coffee while reading blogs in the morning.
I am wondering...how life would have turned out if I had made different decisions 20 years ago.
  Just thoughts and wonderings


  1. oh, good wonderings! I think this is my favorite thing you do.

  2. Love that Creative People list.....way too many describe me. coffee and blogs start my day too!

  3. Reading your blog keeps me connected to home. Even if I can't talk to you everyday. DGD#2

  4. hello there. coffee and blogs (and sewing) in the morning keep me going. How can you have a bad day when you are sewing?