Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings on a Damp Thursday Morning

Outside my window...dampness. The rain has stopped for now but everything is so wet.
I am listening to...the washer. Spirit's comforter and sheets needed a washing. How that child gets them that dirty in one weekend is beyond me!
I really morning coffee. It gives me time to think and reflect on the day before and the day to come.
I am super thankful...for my sweet dear husband. He is the light of my life and always supports me no matter how lame brain I am being.
One of my favorite studio. It is still not where I want it to be but it is still my favorite spot in the house.
I am looking forward to...spending time with DGD#2 and DGGD#1&#2.
I am many hours our drive will take next Tuesday. Google says it takes 10 hours and 20 minutes but I still think it will take us longer and have planned 2 days for travel there.
I am planning...on meeting with blogging friends on Thursday. Kevin the Quilter will be there that day as will Libby. I can't wait to meet her in person.
I finish our taxes today. I know I am late but that's me.
I am make the label for the Wedding Quilt. I am bringing it to show at the KS Guild meeting this afternoon. I'll have more pictures then.
I am has settled down finally. My stomach and bowels are not hurting me at night any more. While I still have a few health issues, those are not pressing.
I am trying to remember...what the fabrics I need for the Guild Mystery. I am already 2 months behind so I need to kit those soon.
I am get all the t-shirts sashed before Tuesday. The customer still hasn't brought the last t-shirt.
I am sorry...that I still don't have everyone's contact information. I still can't get in touch with Glen or my other "sisters".
I am still DD#4. She realized this week that she is a "fabric hoarder." She is buying fabric online like it is going to disappear tonight. I remember those days!
      Just thoughts and wonderings .


  1. Oh what happened you can't get in touch with me? I am so glad you are better. You need to be ready for that trip!

  2. Oh oh oh. When you go to Paducah. Julie Sefton will be speaking at the authors showcase. Her book build a barn just came out. I helped with the proofing of the book and have two pieces in the barn exhibit promoting the book. You need to rell her you are my bestie!!!!

    I will have a book giveaway in May on my blog!