Monday, May 30, 2016

Design Wall Plans Monday, May 31, 2016

  I have a funny story to tell this week. Those who have met and know my DH will understand.
   Our new neighbors' children have fallen in love with Spirit, DGD#5, especially the 5 yo son. They come over every day and she rides bikes and plays with them to earn time on my computer. (Actually, it is to get her outside and moving b/c she would rather stay in her room on the PS3, snack, and slam dance. My walls are showing the wear of that 'dancing' as are my nerves. It starts very early in the morning!)
 Well, yesterday her 'be-in-the-house' time was 7pm. The 4 yo was not happy with that time and tried to get her to stay later. She wouldn't b/c she knows our rules about dusk.
  He came to the house to talk to me. First, he tried to get me to let her spend the night at his house. No go. Then, he tried to talk us into her going until 9pm. No go. That is when DH began to scheme with him.
  DH asked him if he (Miguel) had money. Migue told him yes, so DH told him he could 'buy' Spirit for $5. So the little one ran home and got some money. Miguel was so serious as only a 5yo can be. He wanted Spirit not to have to leave his house. He wanted her to be available to play with him all the time!
 Miguel came back with $1 and tried to bargain with DH for Spirit. DH wouldn't take less so off the boy went to get more money. So very serious about 'buying' Spirit. I took the money and went to the neighbor to explain what happened. They understood and know DH is a joker.
  The father said his son misses his older siblings and Spirit gives him the same type attention. Today is the little boy's Fifth birthday and I think I know what he wants. SPIRIT!  Instead we will give him a board game that they can all play quietly. UPDATE: Miguel has already been here (8am) to get Spirit to spend the day with him. He was upset when she wouldn't go! It is her 'time of the month' and she isn't feeling well.
This week I am still working on last week's goals and the week-before's too.
   I worked slowly on everything last week, but nothing got finished.
My Phaff went on the blink again so the binding didn't get done. I am now using the BabyLock Quest to bind them so I should get them done today or tomorrow. (1&2)
 1 more block for the Minion Quilt was made. (3)
  Block 11's parts are all made. I used the Singer 1908 machine. It sews like a dream. Now I just need to put them together to make the block. (4)
  About 2/3rds of the table runner's binding is done. (5)
  Another side of the binding of Soccer Beauty is done. (6)
  Another hoops worth of tying was done on PJ's quilt. (7)
  Nothing was done to the shortened Phaff quilting system. I couldn't find the right tools to remove certain bolts. DH promised to help but got sidetracked. (8)
  I found the fusible but nothing was traced. (9)
Goals from the last two weeks:
1. Continue Machine binding of DD#1s quilts.  
2. Machine binding of Green Zebra
3. Work on DD#1s Minion Quilt.
4. Block 11 of J&B BOM.
5. Hand bind table runner for DD#1.
6. Work on UFO Challenge APQ #7-Hand Binding on Soccer Beauty. 
7. Complete tying of PJ's Quilt(UFO Challenge APQ#1).
8. Put together shorten version of Phaff quilting system and clean machine.

9. Find fusible and make step 2 of Challenge. 
  Hopefully, I will get all the goals done b/c June is a busy month! It is Birthday Month starting on the 1st and ending on the 21st.
Lator Gators. May your Memorial day be pleasant!


  1. Very cute story about Spirit and the 4 year old. When DT was in junior high, she'd help all the little boys in after school care with their hand held video games. One 7 year old lifted his no girls rule for his birthday party if DT would come.

  2. Great goals! I hope you get your Pfaff together soon and it works like a charm - or maybe you already did. I laughed at the story of Spirit and Miguel and your DH.