Friday, June 17, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings on a Hot Muggy Birthday Morning

Outside my and muggy weather. The temps reached 103 degrees yesterday and it is predicted to be hotter today.
I am listening to...the fan blowing air around the room. It isn't cool air since DH gets "cold" if the house is cooler than 80.
I really morning coffee. This morning I also had a biscuit.
I am super thankful...for all that the Lord has blessed me with especially a studio where I can keep it as cool as I want to. It is definitely not kept at 80.
One of my favorite things...quiet mornings sitting thinking about how to get things done.
I turn my husband's internal thermostat up so that the house's thermostat could go down.
I am looking forward to...traveling to Missouri. It should be a relaxing trip with only two planned events.
I am wondering...about strip colors for the class I am taking on the 29th.
I am hoping...everything goes smoothly until the 30th.
I am get the brakes on my truck worked on before they get to the point that they need working on. Being Pro-active rather than Re-active.
I am thinking...that while I don't claim the whole month like some do, my birthday month is great!
I am trying to remember...what I am suppose to do this week. It is strange to have a whole week with nothing scheduled!
I am sorry...that I don't always say the right thing the right way.
I am missing... DGD#2.
I am still the antics of my neighbors two children in their little pool. They have so much fun.
I am bring the new Phaff in for a check-up.
   Well, It is time to get dressed and start this gloriously hot muggy day.
 Just thoughts and wonderings .

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  1. Oh heck, go ahead and enjoy your birthday MONTH!