Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings on a Quiet Thursday Morning

Outside my window...damp grass that need cutting, Lilly wanting to come inside, and Lucy standing on the window edge looking in to see what I am doing instead of going feed her.
I am listening blowing cool air on my feet and Spirit jumping/dancing in her room.
I really enjoy...and missed my quiet time in the mornings with my cup of coffee.
I am super thankful...that we made the trip to Missouri and back safely. Also for all the wonderful shops I got to visit along the way. Leeapaul is glad we are home! He has jumped into the truck or car every time we open the doors. He is NOT going to be left behind again! Me-new is following me around like a puppy and Lilly isn't far behind. Next trip will have to be in the camper so they can come.
One of my favorite things...meeting up with old friends I haven't seen for a year or more & it feels as if we were together yesterday. Those are true friends!
I finish some projects by the 5th. - J&B block #11 and guild challenge and PJ's quilt. These need to be finished before I start or work on other projects (PIGs & PhDs). The Folded Fan strata will become my leader and enders & I think one of the Wedding Quilts. I just need to remember- twice as many medium diamonds as darks and lights & darks and lights go to the right while mediums are left out.
I am looking forward to...tomorrow. Pam, Dottie, Charlotte, and I will be hunting for license plates and Row by Row patterns on this side of the Mississippi.
I am wondering...what July will bring. June has been fantastic if not productive. I am extending my birthday month one day into July due to scheduling conflicts - getting 4 people on the same page is difficult!
I am see more of my grandchildren and great grandchildren this summer even if it is only on FaceBook. DGS#9 is home and has given me hugs twice since Tuesday evening and have had hugs from DGD#4 & DGS#10. Even DGD#5 has been giving me half hugs. Love those hugs.
I am planning...on making 2 more wedding quilts before October-One with lots of Halloween fabric and one with black and blues.
I am thinking...I have a great life. Better than I expected and deserve.
I am trying to remember...where I bought each item on my table. I will post pictures soon.
I am sorry...that DH & I only got to spend a few hours with DGS#1 and DGS#5. We never could get both of them together at the same time.
I am missing...talking/texting my DGD#2. But soon she will be moving back to Louisiana which may not be a good thing. I hope she and Billy can find a way to be independent here.
I am still DD#4's antics while on our trip. She made me smile and giggle. I am so glad she is my friend who is also my daughter.
I am going...clean my living room and kitchen either today or Saturday. Yesterday, I mopped the house with bleach water, before I went to Dorinda Evans' class on Folded Fans/Picket Fence. DH mopped Tuesday night with Lysol. After a week of pets alone, it needed more b/c I forgot to ask the pet sitter, DGS#9, to clean up after the dogs. Being a teenager, DGS#9 only did the things I asked him to do. The dogs and cat were well fed and loved on even if the house wasn't cared for. Next time I will know!

 Just thoughts and wonderings

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