Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings on a Sunny Wednesday Afternoon

Outside my window...warm breezes and 90 degree weather.
I am listening to...Mannix on the tv.
I really enjoy...piecing.
I am super thankful...for my family and friends.
One of my favorite having several sewing machines to fall back on when one fails.
I get my projects back on track.
I am looking forward to...going to Missouri Star Quilt Company at the end of the month.
I am wondering...what the next week will bring.
I am finish my KS Challenge project soon.
I am go to the KS guild meeting on Thursday.
I am thinking...about the answer to a question I was asked - What makes you happy?
I am trying to remember... where I put things.
I am sorry...that some people can't be happy.
I am missing...sleep.
I am still my DD#4's hair.
I am going...teach third thru sixth graders how to make a snap bag.
 What makes me happy? The simple things, especially hearing my DH laugh, make me super happy. For instance, my grandchildren, my dogs, my children, my friends, and my sewing all make me happy.
 Just thoughts and wonderings .

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