Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings on a Thursday Morn

Outside my window...clouds!
I am listening to...Spirit's radio playing softly.
I really coffee in the mornings and hanging my clothes outside.
One of my favorite things...Thursday night dates with DD#4 and DH.
One of my least favorite things...having to replace an appliance. Ugh!
I am missing...other than my two oldest granddaughters - nothing.
I need...a new dryer. The old one gave up in while drying a load of whites in the middle of a rain storm. In the washer was a load of darks which had all my pants in it so I have no undies and no top clothes to wear but my pj sets.
I am trying to remember...where Dottie's ruler and Jessie's pattern have disappeared to. Still!!!
I am looking forward...finishing something.
I am planning...on a day trip to visit more Louisiana Quilt Shops. This time on the East side of the Mississippi. DH wants to go to Biloxi before school starts so I can cover a few then.
I am to use the fabric DD#2 and DD#3 gave me.
I am thinking...a trip to BR is needed.
I am sorry...that my points are missing on the KS 2014 Mystery.
I am wondering...what will happen in November.
I am super thankful...for my friends both in blogging land and in every day land.
Should a new wardrobe for subbing or not?
Just ramblings and wonderings
Please leave a comment or two. I do enjoy hearing from visitors! Lator....


  1. I love your "I'm sorry..." I can see how that would affect someone. And I am super thankful for you too!!!!!

  2. I saw your Goofy cartoon and remembered that The Mama died having never found the turquoise necklace she hid. Actually, I think she gave the necklace to me ...

    Hope your subbing assignment goes well.

  3. I hope your subbing goes well. If not there will be some interesting stories! Lol