Thursday, July 21, 2016

Update on Goal for Week 7/18-7/24

Belinda's Mom's Quilt
Goals for July 18th to July  24th.
1)Work on at least one row of Belinda's Mom's Quilt top. - Done!
Tuesday - I did 3 rows. I am now down to the last 2 rows of the top.
Wednesday - Finished - all I need now are the borders.
2)  Complete block 12 of J&B BOM.
Thursday - kitted block12
3) Make at least 2 dark, 6 medium, & 3 light strata for Folded Fans for 2 dark diamonds, 6 medium diamonds, and 3 light diamonds. I am still having troubles with different between dark & dark medium and dark light & light medium. .-So far nothing done.
4) Make 3 pillowcases and/or 3 pet beds.-So far nothing done.
5) Spend at least 30 minutes a day in studio either sorting, cleaning, or piecing.
Monday - 0 minutes
Tuesday -300 minutes - I spent 5 hours in the studio.
Wednesday - 180 minutes
Thursday - 240 minutes - Spent 2 hours in the morning putting binding on baby quilt.
                   Spent 2 hours in afternoon kitting block 12 and helping daughter.
6) Call Ms. White to work on her t-shirt quilt..-So far nothing done.
7) Work on another WIP if #'s 1 thru 4 are done.
Tuesday - helped DD#4 quilt a baby quilt -
                - mom  in hospital as we sewed. Made square in square in square block for Christmas quilt.
                - I need to change colors of last triangles to either red or gold.
Thursday - put binding on baby quilt for DD#4.

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  1. Wow-you are busy! It's nice that you have a daughter who enjoys quilting.