Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Design Wall Monday, September 26, 2016

   I am progressing on the projects that jumped out to be worked on in September:
1) Belinda's Mom's Quilt (BMQ) - This is now a flimsy and will have its fate decided today! 
2) The Autumn Churn Dash (ACD)- I have advanced as far as I can without access to more fabric. Decisions have to be made: First, do I add solid blocks or fall fabric blocks to make it larger? 
Second, do I add sashing and borders and if so what colors? I am leaning get towards olive sashing  and alternating autumn blocks.
3) Missouri Star Quilt Company's Flying Home Blocks  Square Triangle Leader and Ender Project (BHLE)- I have completed the center and round 1 of neutrals. Next round will be reds and I am progressing well on those. I will need 64+ of those quarter square blocks so round 2 may take a while! I am hunting red fabric in my stash. Then another neutral round followed by green or orange round. That depends on stash availability. I am guessing last color round will be blue.
4)  Missouri Star Quilt Company's Flying Home Wedding Quilt Blocks (FHWQ)- my stack of these blocks is growing! I figure I need a row of 12 blocks(96") and 14 rows(112") which comes to 168 blocks. I am no where even close to half that number! So I will keep plugging away. DGD#2 is going to pick up more blues for me at Joanne's since she works there now and I will get more black at Belinda's today. 
     Next, I need to go into the mold infested studio and pick up another WIP to work on as the fourth project. In fact since I get really depressed when I go into studio, I really need to pick 2 WIPS since BMQ is done and ACD is almost done. I have lots of WIPs to chose from! Or I could just finish one of Glenda's or I could work on items for craft show.  TOO MANY DECISIONS!!! My poor brain is beginning to hurt so I think I will just go sew.
Lator Gators. 

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  1. Goodness you have a lot of projects going on! Just keep plugging away!