Saturday, September 10, 2016


  My phone and blogger don't  work well together!
  The computer techs and I have not been able to successfully fix my computer so i have had another week of no computer. I will be subbing again next week and didn't find out till Friday. I still haven't gotten a sewing area set up with cutting and ironing areas. I really don't know which stresses me the most -no computer for reading my blogs or the enormous amount of work our school system expects from these 8 year olds already. I do know that I do know not being able to piece is adding to my frustration level and stress. Piecing time was my "work out the problem mentally and formulate a plan time".
   But it is not all bad! Monday I got to visit with Glenda and Frank and the bassets. Monday, we also went to DD#1'S house and delivered her birthday gift and DGS'S wedding quilt. I left with more than I brought. DD#1 went to a auction and got a vintage sewing machine for me. It needs a bit of TLC but DH is ready. Next I will try to find a working bottom half of a treadle. 
   Today I will set up my sewing area. I will also try one last time to work with the techs to get my machine fixed. If they can't get it right today, tomorrow I will go to see the Geek Squad and let them do their thing. I will probably also get me a iPad. As for the subbing, I will do my best for these poor overworked kids until their real teacher can come back. Then I will pray for these babies!
Lator Gators.

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