Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings Thanksgiving 2016

Outside my window... bright sunshine, cool breezes, birds singing.
I am listening to...Spirit in dining room doing what Spirit does and birds singing off key.
One of my favorite things...feeding my grandson, PJ. He eats whatever I serve with GUSTO!
One of my least favorite the kitchen so I can cook and then cleaning it after cooking, and again after everyone has eaten. Too much cleaning!
I am family aka mom, aunts, cousins, etc. especially Aunt Von's jello salad. Also miss spending time in my studio piecing while listening to music. That is still a luxury!
I am planning...on spending more time with Glenda as soon as subbing is over.
I am trying to remember...a time when I had this much free time to do nothing! 
I make microwave cozies extra large, grade papers, and make 2 PowerPoints for next week's lessons.
I am wondering...what comes next! I can say my life is always an adventure!
I am thinking...I am bored making flying geese and need to work on the Binding Tool Star Quilt or table runner in the same colors.
I am super have a great husband. He is always appreciative of whatever I do, however insignificant in my eyes.
Should I...grade papers or go in my sewing area or have another glass of wine? Table runner or quilt, or leader/ender border? Too many decisions!
Just ramblings and wonderings

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