Monday, April 3, 2017

Design Wall April 3rd

  This week I will be working on getting the Wedding Quilt and its back ready to go to DD#1. The plan is for the back to be orange with a black strip containing their names. It is not going to be a big quilt just large lap...big enough to cover for a nap. Then I plan to start hand quilting S. Quilt - she asked for it as part of her wedding. Guess 5 years is a long time to wait for it to get quilted. This way they each get a quilt. Later I plan on making the 2 girls a quilt too. But only after these two are DONE!
  In between I will work on blue half square triangles for the next round of the BH Leader/Ender project. I have decided that I will continue this project until I have finished the 5 rounds planned. As for the border I am thinking one row of purple  (all the outside triangles would be one fabric) with a small outer border of the same purple or maybe just a plain purple border. We shall see what the flimsy wants! 
  Then if all goes well I plan on making at least 4 Trash/String blocks and sewing on the parts I have cut for Blue Star.  It seems I have a busy Design Wall this week. As I looked at the picture of the Blue Star, I realized I need to get more black fabric.
Lator Gators. Don't let the rain dampen your spirits!

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