Saturday, May 27, 2017

Design Wall Update

Plans for May 22 - 28:(No pictures-too ill)
1) Cut and construct quarter squares. - None were cut but lots were constructed and trimmed. 
3) Work on Blue Binding Star. - Now there are 3 corners. I am working on fourth.
4) Work on binding of DD's quilt - Nope
5) Studio - They are starting on today at 8am.
6) Sammie's Quilt  - On round frame.
7) Fence - All three panels are in back ready to be nailed or screwed in. Thanks to Chris and Mr. Antonio. Lucy spent from 6pm to 11pm trying to figure out how to get out w/o success! Depending on how I feel, i will go get 3 more panels soon. 
8)  Machines - 1950 Premier & Phaff &BabyLock are set up. Premier set for Blue Binding Star and Phaff set for quarter square triangles. BabyLock is waiting.
Tuesday, I began getting sick, by Thursday the pain was unbearable so Friday I called doctor and made appointment. My doctor was off so I went to DH's. It seems I have a very bad bladder infection. My doctor would have sent me to hospital but DH's gave me meds and gave DH and DGD#5 instructions on how to care for me. They are doing a fantastic job! But the meds side effects are kicking my butt.
   Friday, DGS#9 CAME and began working to help pay for his contacts. He took down fence; mowed backyard; moved and set up fence panels; mowed front yard; and did a general pick-up. Spirit and neighbor kids picked up sticks in back yard and side yard. Everybody was super busy but me - it was all I could do to sit up w/o throwing up. Yet all in all Friday was a great day just not a great evening!
  Today, DGS#9 will be working with Mr. Antonio in studio and He plans to mow side yards. 

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