Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Doctor Visit Results

DH's hip is only bruised not cracked or broken. His foot/toe area has become infected so he is on enormous blue horse pills! He has been instructed to stay off it as much as possible while on the pills. Doc knows that was a useless instruction.
   At least I can stop worring as much about him.
   Still no sign of handyman...he has gone to ground.


  1. LOL....thought I was the only one who said that! I had a few of my workers go to ground!

  2. oh no for hubs. hope he gets better soon. I had a handyman that never showed up. then one day months later had the gall after I hired someone else to tell me he left tools at my house. um no you didnt because I helped you load them into your truck. get outta here and dont come back! yeah it is tough to find good help who will do the job and finish it. I am currently looking for someone to build a shed. fun fun fun