Thursday, June 1, 2017

Design Wall May 29, 2017

Plans for May 29 - June 3rd:
1) Cut and construct quarter squares. - Red ones
2) Work on Blue Binding Star. - Make 1 corner
3) Sammie's Quilt  - Begin quilting
4) Studio - Mop and take down 
5) Work on binding of DD's quilt - Maybe
6) Machines - Begin cleaning those in studio including embroider machine
Bad News:
  This bladder infection still is kicking my butt. The side effects are robbing my energy and causing cramps, but all in all I am feeling better! Baby Steps or two steps forward one step back!
  Our air conditioner is still not working but the weather has not been hot so house is cool.
Great News:
   The air condition man will be coming today if the rain stops. So "RAIN RAIN GO AWAY,"
   The studio ceiling is up! Soon I will  be able to start on phase 2- preparing for and painting the ceiling. Then phase 3 - redoing walls. I can not explain how excited this makes me.    As soon as I feel decent this weekend or latest Monday, I will work on getting everything out of side area and getting it ready for ceiling painting and wall replacement. Once that room is painted with new walls, I will set up my vintage machines and begin working in that area while preparing main area ceiling for painting. Baby Steps but stepping!
  The die DD#1 loaned me was used to cut 80 neutral quarter square sets and 40 red sets. Neutral sets are sewn into squares and I am working on ironing and trimming. The red sets are sewn into pairs and I am ironing those to make squares.  It is slow going but again Baby Steps are still stepping!

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  1. Glad you made it here, but so sorry you are not feeling tip,top!