Sunday, June 18, 2017

Stash Report June 18th

Fabric IN This Week: 0.25 yards
Fabric IN for June: yards 
Fabric IN YTD: 41 5/12 yards
Fabric OUT This Week: yards (I am using fabric just nothing is finished.)
Fabric OUT for June: 0 yards
Fabric OUT YTD: 27 7/12 yards
Reduction/Enhancement This Week: yards
Reduction/Enhancement for June: 3 yards
Reduction/Enhancement YTD: 13 5/6 yards 
This Week in Review:
1) Sammie's Quilt - continue primitive stitching using square frame. Working away steadily. It is looking good.
2)  Blue Binding Star Wedding quilt- Several more quarter star blocks completed.
3) Studio DH and I went shopping for wall covering. I fell in love with two very different ones. First was bead board. I loved the natural look of the wood. DH WAS NOT impressed. He felt that it would look unfinished if not stained or painted and that it would be very heavy for DGS#9 and I to handle by ourselves.  Second was a quarter inch plywood that was finished on one side. DH felt it was the right one b/c DGS#9 and I could handle it better and it was finished when put up.  I still prefer the first so I am pondering how to get what I want. I am thinking of using the bead board on the long back wall which would add insulation and stability; and the other for the rest. The only draw back i see is that the bead board will make the room look more apartment ready.
  Chris and I cleaned and put in bins everything in side area. Next up painting the ceiling in that area. Painting supplies have been purchased. Now waiting for humidity to go down a bit.
 Saturday was my birthday and I got to spend it with my two favorite men, DGS#9 and DH. We drove to DD#1's house to pick up a special quilt and deliver to her a quilt to do for a friend. When we got home, DH treated us to chicken and DGS#9 gave me a card and chocolates. Perfect day!


  1. Well, convincing the Mr that you are right is always tricky! That said, the headboard if heavier will resist buckling in the humidity! Good Luck!

  2. I love bead board.
    HAppy Fathers Day to Mr. Wonderings!