Thursday, June 8, 2017

Update for June 4-10th.

59 red quarter square triangles 
1) Cut and construct 8 red quarter squares. Cut, constructed, and trimmed 17  red blocks! I now have 59 red Quarter Square triangles and more ready. Twoies and fouries have been made and are ready for ironing. I think there are enough for one row on top.
2) Sammie's Quilt  
3) Studio Mop a second time 
4) Make at least 1 neutral side for BH L/E Project Done Third and fourth sides being constructed.
Me-new inspecting.
5) Add neutral side(s) to BH Leader/Ender project Done 2 sides have been added and ready for ironing.
6) Attend guild meeting on Thursday- DONE

  My sweet 3.5 pound male Yorkie, Leeapaul, is missing. He would have been 13 in August same as Spirit! 
  DH let him out Tuesday evening and off he went. He loves the ladies especially those 20 times his size and will challenge others for the lady's affection. 
 Did I mention that he thinks he is a 90 pound Rottweiler?  His leg was broken several years ago when he would go "herd" the Angus bulls next door. The bulls paid him no mind, but the calf kicked him. Glenda and I met then.
  We can only hope he is enjoying himself and will find his way home before something finds him. We have searched Lewisburg, but have not found hide nor hair.  
 Lilly and Me-New miss him terribly as do DH and I. I will continue searching but unfortunately with coyotes, big dogs, and his age chances are that he is deceased.
 The Phaff is giving me trouble with tension. The Quest has taken over piecing duties! I am seriously considering bringing the Phaff to Glenda's. She can use it as a second machine to quilt on, and I won't have to carry a machine when I  go to visit and sew.
   Although it may be me,  I am one grouchy person these days. I am still suffering with side effects of meds (aggravation of IBS), not as bad as earlier, but still gut rewrenching. Pain in the gut is not pleasant! The good news is it is gas not lack of bowel movement. I know TMI! 
The distance between dreams and reality is called action!
Time to get moving -- (copied from Bonnie Hunter)
Lator Gators!

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your sweet Leeapaul! He sounds like a tiny dynamo. Our fur babies are just that- our children. I hope to hear he is home soon. You have a lot going on between your health and sweet baby missing, even if nothing else were amiss it gives you the right to be grouchy. Please take care of yourself.