Monday, July 3, 2017

Design Wall

Plans for this week:
1) Sammie's Quilt - Square and bind. (Working on binding)
2) Studio - Finish the last piece of wall; paint display area; Clean floors
3) KS Quilt Show on Saturday
    It will be a slow week but a busy week getting ready for show and wedding. Sammie added pea salad to the list enough for several people. It started as enough for her and a friend then went to a large bowl.
  DGS#9 wants to finish room so he went on his own and pulled down last section and sprayed it. Sometime this week we need to go get paint for display wall and floor. 
   I am thinking about dark or medium brown for floor and trim. Then yellow and light orange for squares on display area. 
   Under the display area is a lump of concrete that needs hiding. A bench that holds bins or buckets would work there and provide storage, not to mention a place for greats to play.
  I plan on making that an area for hand sewing and my embroidery machine so the bench would tie in perfectly. If I plan it right my hand quilting maple frame should fit right over it or very close. This would also work for me since I have re-discovered my love for hand quilting especially primitive stitching.
   My mind is just a buzzing with ideas. I am fighting the bit to get in there BUT DGS#9 insists that it all has to be finished first. I think he is going to lose b/c I want to start arranging now!
  Sunday, Bella decided she was coming home with us after church. She grabbed my hand and lead me to the front door. When her mom drove around to pick her up, she refused to go so she came home with us.  We all had a blast until she got sick.  
  On the health picture, I have up days and down days but things are healing so soon I hope to be pain free. 
Lator Gators! I have a quilt to bind.

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