Sunday, July 9, 2017

Stash Report 7/9/17

Fabric IN This Week: 3 1/4 yards
Fabric IN for July: 3 1/4 yards (1yard veggies, 1 yard paper dolls w/clothes, and 1 1/4 yards fat quarters red and neutral)
Fabric IN YTD: 44 8/12 yards
Fabric OUT This Week: yards 
Fabric OUT for July: 0 yards (Sammie's quilt will be another big reduction soon)
Fabric OUT YTD: 34 9/12 yards
Reduction/Enhancement This Week: 3 1/4 yards
Reduction/Enhancement for July: 3 1/4 yards
Reduction/Enhancement YTD: 9 11/12 yards
Progress this week:
1) Sammie's Quilt - Working on binding
2) Studio - Finish the last piece of wall; paint display area; Clean floors
3) KS Quilt Show on Saturday
  The binding on Sammie's Quilt is going slowly---it is a BIG quilt! It will be done by the 13th and delivered on the 15th.
  Between meetings and other family stuff (DH's car is acting up so we are down to one car out of 3  and we were trying to get DSD#2's van working), the studio didn't get much attention except for cleaning and there is alot of cleaning to do! It has been put on hold until the 16th although we will go in and clean more so we can paint soon.
  Friday, I showed both quilts for the coming wedding to the KS guild. They liked the groom's quilt but adored the spider web quilt. We received our first 3 blocks for this year's BOM which is due in March. Now I have to find the templates that go with the BOM! I am thinking of doing it in blue, lime, gold, and black/white saints fabrics. Odd combinations I know but I think it will work out. (These are the colors that DGD#4 likes and it would be her graduation quilt.)
  Saturday, the KS Quilt Show was a blast. The quilts were amazing as were the challenge pieces. The one woman/quilt monolog was absolutely fantastic as always. There was something for everyone. I bought 6 fat quarters, 1 yard of veggie fabric (for DJ's quilt), and purloined a yard of paper doll fabric w/clothes. 
  A member's husband won the quilt this year. First time ever!

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