Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wondering on a Thursday Morn

 Outside my window... Green. Everything is growing.
I am listening to...squeeking from Spirit's bed as she begins to wake up and air conditioner running.
One of my favorite things... coffee in the morning while reading.
One of my least favorite things... driving 60 miles to wait for someone who doesn't bother to come. 
I am missing... being completely pain free. Right now the pain is just at the irritation level.
I am planning... to finish the floor of the Studio before August 9th.
I am trying to remember... I  seem to have forgotten.
I need... to set up 3 design walls.
I am wondering... how to get more hours in the day especially since DH is useless to help with house chores. He sprained his right wrist badly and is in a lot of pain if he moves it. (Preview of what's to come and I  am not ready!)
I am thinking... It is time to go on a trip.
I am super thankful... to be retired as I watch all the teachers (unpaid time) getting their classrooms ready for students and buying school supplies for students who can't afford them (also not reimbursed).
I am sewing on... "Save the Ta-Ta's" t-shirt quilt.
I am deciding... where to put design walls in Studio. 
Should I... finish something or keep sewing on projects a bit at a time.
TOO Many Decisions! Too Much to Do!  
Not much Progress:
1)T-shirt quilt for "Save the Ta-Tas" Raffle - Working on blocks
2)BH 2016 Leader/Ender project: Another row of neutrals almost done!
3) Studio: the areas between the blocks are NOT coming out like I  imagined so back to the drawing board. I have decided to finish painting the "sashing" and then after it dries retape and repaint floor. Sashing is now painted.
4)Blue Binding Star Wedding quilt: Nothing
5) Trash/Strings (APQ  UFO #1) - Nothing
6) KS BOM Super Charged - Nothing

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