Saturday, October 28, 2017

Stash Report

Stash Report
Fabric IN This Week: 1.50 yards 
Fabric for IN October: 5.5 yards
Fabric IN YTD: 72 10/12 yards
Fabric OUT This Week: 06 5/6 yards
Fabric OUT for October: 09 yards 
Fabric OUT YTD: 76 9/12 yards
Reduction/Enhancement This Week: 04 2/6 yards
Reduction/Enhancement for October: 3 11/12 yards  
Reduction/Enhancement YTD:  3 1/2 yards
     This week has been very busy. 
Monday - Duty at 7:15am and recess.  Bowling was long b/c the lane kept dropping the head pin. We won the first game but lost the others. It was a long day.
Tuesday - I began collecting materials for the science engineering project. Guess I am too ole school - rubric for grading and  directions for kids are needed and were not supplied.
Wednesday - Duty again and the students began the journey towards the project. Phase 3 with the lawyer was completed and property papers delivered.
Thursday - Bad health day but I  made it. Then home for more prep for the project - material bags. Go! die showed up. It was the one to replace the one that is touring Texas.
Friday - Project day at school. The students took to it like ducks to water. We will see what they learned w/o a rubric or project sheet!
Saturday - Blue Binding Star Wedding quilt was completed and backing bought. Saints fabric and dots were also purchased!
Sunday- Plans are to drive to DD#1's house to deliver BBSWQ after church. 

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