Thursday, February 1, 2018

Thursday Morning Wonderings 2/1/18

Outside my window... puppies fighting.
I am listening to... silence.
One of my favorite things... crafting with any of my daughters.
One of my least favorite things... traffic.
I am missing... my energy! 
I am planning... on Sewing GQA & GQC blocks today.
I am remembering ...  how much I enjoy reading.
I need... to get up and move.
I am wondering...  what extend this cancer thing will affect my life.
I am thinking... I really need to force myself to move more.
I am super thankful... for my husband, daughters, and grandchildren.
I am sewing on... Trash/Strings and the 2 graduation quilts.
I am deciding... on colors for GQC quilt.
My future includes...  more quilts.
I am hoping... for good results.
Should I...  make rows or read?
TOO Many Decisions Too Much to Do!  

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  1. Now that I am getting over this lung thing, I was thinking about you. Hope you are more comfortable these days. Let me know if I can help.