Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thursday Morning Wonderings 2/15/18

Outside my window... muggy damp sunshine that you can find in Louisiana.
I am listening to... Me-new purr.
One of my favorite things... spending time with the "girls". For Valentine's day, DD#4 and I  took DGD#2, DGD#5, DGGD#1&2 out for a day of shopping and to a late lunch or early supper.
One of my least favorite things... hospital waiting rooms. Conan (DGGS#2) decided to break up the fun. So I spent a good part of the evening waiting to see if he would arrive. Once he had everyone's attention, he decided it wasn't the right time to be born. I am going to read him the story of the little boy who cried Wolf. 
I am missing... my energy! 
I am planning... taking a nap.
I am remembering ...  how much I enjoy reading.
I need... to sew!
I am wondering...  what extend this cancer thing will affect my life.
I am thinking... Life is good.
I am super thankful... for my husband, daughters, and grandchildren. 
I am sewing on... a laptop bag and the 2 graduation quilts.
I am deciding... where to take my nap.
My future includes...  a new great grandson to spoil.
I am hoping... for good results.
Should I...  make rows or read?
TOO Many Decisions Too Much to Do!  

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