Tuesday, February 27, 2018

We have a Baby!

  No fancy pain meds for mom, no fancy bed for the delivery, almost no doctor! He was born on the gurney at 12:04pm Sunday February 25, 2018. He was a healthy 9 lb 13 oz.  His grandma told us at 10:55 as she was leaving church that DGD#2 had called to go to hospital again.  At 12:45pm when we got out of church there were pictures waiting for us. 
  As DD#2 explained the sequence of events, I was reminded of the story about the boy who cried wolf. When the wolf finally came, no one believed him. This will be the first book I give him because he was almost born in the first floor hospital bathroom b/c the registration staff didn't take his arrival seriously.  
 Either way, DGD#3 and CAC(DGGS#2) are both doing super fine. Better than expected even!Maybe I can make him a quilt one day with sheep, wolves, and a little boy on it. That would be cute! In the meantime, his two sisters are taking care of Geema, Pape, Chris, and Me-New. They have worn us all out! These girls are go-go-go 24/7 with no stops for naps or quiet time.
  One doesn't go to bed til 2am and the other gets up at 3am. Chris takes the late bug which works out just fine since he is a late bug himself. But he is even worn out. DH and I take the early bird to bed with us since I, too, am an early bird. But having a restless 2 yr old in the bed is not conducive to good rest. I get up early but not at 3am.  Between the lack of sleep, constant go-go-go supervision, and the pain from the tumor, I am worn out too. Only DH isn't worn out. Wonder why?
 Yet we are enjoying the experience except for Me-New. She watches the girls carefully and moves if they get too close but hasn't tried to swat them. Last week when they visited for 4 days, she stayed in hiding most of the time. She came out just enough to establish the "No touch rule" so there is mutual respect. Me-New may even allow the girls to pet her one day.
  However, we know why God gives children to young people. LOL 

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  1. Congratulations on the baby! He will be,loved no matter how he got here! LOL. My best friend in grammar school was born in the elevator going up to the delivery room. She is now a neurosurgical nurse practitioner in New Jersey, couldn’t stay out of the hospitals, that one!