Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunday Morning Wonderings

Outside my window... sunlight with the day heating up fast!
I am listening to... air conditioner run.
One of my favorite things... reading blogs while sipping coffee.
One of my least favorite things...having a restricted diet. A restricted diet causes pain problems. Besides, I love veggies and fruits.
I am missing... playing with my fabrics. My mojo is completely gone. 
I am planning... on attacking this lack of motivation. Each morning I will make myself work with fabric for at least an hour. Hopefully, it will become a habit.
I am remembering ... projects that I want to make.
I am wondering...  how long before I can work my way out of this depression.
I am thinking... the only way to get moving is to start moving!
I am super thankful... for my friends and family.
I am sewing on... nothing although there are Loosey Goosey blocks on the sewing machine.
I am deciding... what to wear on our trip to SA.
My future includes... weddings and birthdays.
I am hoping... the doctor has good news on Tuesday.



  1. This new computer won't let me open your email address from your profile page. I can't remember what it is so I can send you the oatmeal raisin cookie recipe. The recipe is printed on the back of a Quaker Oats tin I have had for years. I will be more than happy to send it to you. Email me at pattynubs at gmail dot com.