Thursday, July 19, 2018

7/19/18 Thursday Morning Wonderings

Outside my window... clear sky and a warm breeze.
I am listening to... Spirit typing on her computer.
One of my favorite things... hugs from children.
One of my least favorite things... falling out of the bed in the middle of the night. Ouch!
I am missing... DGS#9. 
I am planning... on visiting the doctor. First he wants a scan done.
I am remembering ... how nice it was when my studio was set up properly.
I am wondering...  how long my muse and mojo will stay away this time. Also energy.
I am thinking... about projects that have to be done soon.
I am super thankful... for my family and friends.
I am sewing on... Boxes of Strings and Loosey Goosey blocks.
I am deciding... if I want to try to attend the KS Retreat. First, I need to know when my doctor's appointments are.
My future includes... more doctors.
I am hoping... for the best news.
I am waiting impatiently... for normalcy to return.


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