Friday, April 23, 2010

Abita Springs Day 1

The weather is like my mood dampened. It is raining on and off here. From the weather reports New Orleans got the worse especially at the Jazz Festival. Hopefully it doesn't rain hard tonight.

Sammie and Jerri had a time putting up their tent. They put the tarp under the tent and over the tent to keep the rain out but I have a suspension that a hard rain will be a disaster for them.

Those two girls have worked so hard since Wednesday night. Thursday they worked all day fixing bikes so they could ride them here...they would fix one tire and then another would go flat. We bought 6 tubes and 1 tire. The tire was the wrong size and we only changed 5. Hopefully that 6th one will hold air until Monday.

Dee spent the night and Pape had coffee with her this morning. Last night we ate at the $5.00 buffet at casino and then Dee & Pape went play. The girls and I went home but Dee & Pape came home about 20 minutes later with extra money in pockets.

Dee is coming back next week and we will go eat and then work on midarm if I am feeling better.

Stay dry and have a blessed Saturday. Lator gators!
Sometimes I need to do more than just pray for serenity and forgiveness. So please forgive my ranting but Stop here because I must rant:

Before leaving, our renter (who hasn't paid but once in 6 months) came to give a sad story about needing more time to get her stuff from trailer. Afterall, we didn't let her know she had to get out until last week...mmm, rent was due on 3rd and electricity on 10th- she is 2 months behind on electricity and it is 23rd but we are unfair. I let her know that we can not afford to support her...if we had the extra money we would give it to our grandchildren. It makes me so angry...they have money for booze but no money for rent or electricity. Those are ourproblems because we have more than they do. Well, Monday I will solve our problems. But I am the "mean harsh woman who lives with that nice black man." I am so prejudice towards people who don't take care of their business and expect others to do so and then get mad when they are expected to handle their own business. Heck, we have done without so that our bills were paid and so have my daughters growing up and we still am careful about certain things but because we look like we have 2 pennies to rub together we should gladly pay all the dead beats'bills. I truly can not stand that attitude no matter who it is especially when someone does the same thing and has bad things to say about someone else.

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