Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stash Report #3

The weather calmed down and turned warm and beautiful. I am feeling much, much better. The girls and Pape have provided enough of the best medicine - laughter.

Now for my stash report:

Fabric used this week: 0 yards (I cut red binding strips but didn't use them yet.)
Fabric in this week: 2 1/4 yds = 1 yd of tiger faces from Dee and 1 1/4 yd(5 fat quarter pieces)

Net used this week: 0 yds
Net in this week: 2 1/4 yds
Yards to date: + 2 3/4yds = +1/2 yd + 2 1/4 yds

Hopefully, I will continue to feel better this week and get to my binding. I am looking forward to Tuesday since I will be inducted as Treasurer in my Quilt guild.

Goals for this week:
1) Piece 1 Autumn Leave block per day for total of 7.

2) Bind Skulls Quilt and undo all errors on back

3) Bind all charity quilts given by guild for return on first Wednesday in May

4)Complete Be There or Be Square 12" BOM for Saturday

5) Complete Be There or Be Square 9" & 6" companion squares

6) Complete label for skull quilt.

7) Complete label squares for BQ project.

Seven Days and Seven Goals.
Lator Gators...Have a blessed day and serenity all week.


  1. A pooped turkey? Well, I think I feel like turkey poop! (Laughing!) You have lots of goals for this week. Me, I think my goals are gonna be small.

  2. I like your idea of having weekly goals. And congrats on starting the stashbusting. It might not necessarily reduce the number of yards in but (at least for me) it certainly makes me more *aware* of what I'm bringing in vs. putting out!