Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hard Part of Quilting

Sleep was not my friend last night. I slept from 9:30Pm to 11pm and then tossed and turned. So I got up and put more borders on the skull quilt. At about 3am, I went back to bed only to get up this morning at 8am.

Last border for the skull quilt just finished. This quilt looks nothing like the magazine (Quilts with Style Sep/Oct 2006 Dia de los Muentos) it came from and nothing like I envisioned it when I started it. It is nice and I am pleased with it.

Now comes the part of quilting that is the hardest for me. The reason why I have so many UFO tops in my stash...the sandwiching/basting. It is so hard for me to even begin that process and I avoid it as much as I can. This time I can't!!! The quilt is due on May 14th which means I have to get busy quilting.

Well, like the old man said...to eat an elephant, you have to take the first bite and start chewing.

Right now Pape and I are getting ready to drive to my eldest daughter's to leave her my element. She put something thru the grill, radiator, and condensor of her brand new mustang. On Wednesday she has a can't miss meeting in Morgan City for work and so .... Pape is already figuring out how to change what is broke on Thursday so the element can come home.

Tomorrow, I will bring granddaughter to doctor and also go tend to registration for t-shirt class at BQ. Maybe when I get there, they will help me sandwich the skulls....mmmm that is a thought.

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